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Myndtek develops software for managing mental health conditions. The software MyndHak develops allows for patients to partner with health care providers to ensure the best possible diagnosis and treatment occurs for every user. Our solution, Data Driven Therapy, can best be thought of as the equivelant of blood testing for mental health. It gives mental health care providers the red flag to proactively identify issues before they become unmanageable.


MyndTek develops a one of a kind solution that this world has never before seen. Our flagship product, Data Driven Therapy, can best be summarized as the equivelant of blood testing for mental health

Myndtek came from the brilliant mind of its founder, Kevin Forshey. After being (incorrectly) diagnosed with BiPolar disorder, Kevin (being a software engineer) began collecting various data points that would help him manage his own symptoms. After not finding any existing system that was able to provide him with sufficiently concrete data, Kevin began by creating his own system based on the advice of medical professsionals. This game changing system eventually turned into MyndTek's first product MyndHak.

The idea of Data Driven Therapy (the idea of allowing data generated by MyndHak to drive diagnosis and treatment of mental health) came from a difficult time in Kevin's life. Just after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Kevin was going through outpatient treatment with a group of other individuals in similar situations. During the course of approximately 2 months Kevin saw 3 to 4 individuals in this group lose their lives to their mental health while waiting for a diagnosis and the correct treatment to begin. Kevin decided that it was not acceptable for this to happen to even 1 person, let alone several in 1 group. Kevin thought long and hard and over the course of about 2 years the theory, formulas, and software necessary to bring Data Driven Therapy to a reality have finally reached the point of being ready for customer use. The goal of MyndHak is to generate the necessary data to make Data Driven Therapy a possibility. Data Driven Therapies' goal is to quicken the diagnosis process, get appropriate treatment started as soon as possible, and to work as a measure based on hard irrifutable data in the treatment process.

Data Driven Therapy

Data Driven Therapy (DDT) is a concept that was conceived by Myndtek Founder/CTO Kevin Forshey. After seeing multiple people lose their life due to mental health while waiting for a diagnosis and therefore proper treatment to start, Kevin knew this was not acceptable to happen to 1 person, let alone multiple people just in his circle. Being a software engineer, with the help of medical professionals, Kevin determined what the most relevant data (both in physical health and mental health) is and he developed a method to collect this data on a per patient basis. This method is an application called MyndHak and it collects data on mental health symptoms and pulls in data on physical health from devices such as FitBit devices that includes duration of sleep, heart rate, physical activity, and more. MyndHak develops a relationship between physical health and mental health on a per patient basis showing both patients and mental health care providers a very clear outlook how their physical and mental health are related. The reason why this is of the utmost importance is because once a relationship is established, we know what to change and how much to change it in order to get the desired results. Also on a macro level, once enough data is collected in mass, medical professionals will be able to much more quickly diagnose and treat mental health conditions. If we are able to make a diagnosis after just a couple weeks (or when enough data is collected), imagine how many mental health deaths could be avoided, the lives saved could be friends, co-workers, even family members. And think about how many lives will be drastically improved as treatment is able to be much more accurately tracked through MyndHak.


Myndhak is the application that enables Data Driven Therapy to be possible. Myndhak has 2 different sides to it, a patient's side for regular users and a provider side for health care providers. The patient part of Myndhak allows patients to log their mental health data every day in the form of symptoms and allows users to import their physical health data points from devices such as Fitbit(more device types may be added in the future). Ater this data is logged in the database, the patient is able to see the data visually in charts graphs, and other representations to give patients the best view of their mental health that they could have. The provider side of the application allows for health care providers to look up any of their patients participating in DDT and view their data on their own unique, dynamic, real-time charts so with just a brief glance they can easily see how their patient is doing, what their trends have been, and have a good idea what to expect before they see them the next time.


"The Kaptain" Kevin R Forshey: CTO, President, Co-Founder

Mr. Forshey has been a software engineer for over 10 years gaining exprience over a broad variety of industries including legal technology, financial services technology, Government Contracting, and also health care technology. Mr. Forshey is an expert in the Microsoft technology stack and is very passionate about being a life-long learner, always teaching himself something new. Mr. Forshey is also a devout Christian and lets his faith guide every part of his life including the way he treats people, his ethics and values, the way he conducts himself, and the way he runs Myndtek with his passion for helping those who no one else will help.

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