Our People

Our people are what make this company so great

There is a large group of people who are helping Myndtek to get to that very important product launch day for Data Driven Therapy. These people consist of business leaders, graphic designers, advisors, and mental health professionals. MyndTek's founder, Kevin Forshey, continues to lead product development as the original inventor of Data Driven Therapy.

Kevin Forshey: Founder/President

Mr. Forshey has been a software engineer for over 10 years, gaining exprience over a broad variety of industries including legal technology, financial services technology, Government Contracting, and also health care technology. Mr. Forshey is an expert in the Microsoft technology stack and is very passionate about being a life-long learner, always teaching himself something new. Mr. Forshey is also a devout Christian and lets his faith guide every part of his life including the way he treats people, his ethics and values, the way he conducts himself, and the way he runs Myndtek with his passion for helping those who no one else will help.

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